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Light Bearers

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Light Bearers
by Michelle Best - Thursday, 21 April 2016, 9:07 AM

The following is an opportunity for parents to consider for a more indepth bible study if you are interested please respond to the email address that is included at the bottom of the letter:

This past school year, myself with two other families, have been working through the Lightbearers program from Summit Ministries and have absolutely loved it!  We are now looking towards next year and wanting to dig deeper into the worldviews and how to defend our Christian worldview. 


We know that there are some great curriculum and resources out there for us to use but we have decided to try a different tactic and bring someone in.  Jojo Ruba is the executive director of Faith Beyond Belief. Their mission is “ To equip Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ for everyday conversations. The Church needs effective ambassadors because most Canadians don’t understand or don’t care about the gospel. We want to help Christians share the truth of the Christian faith with compassion, but without compromise, and in ways ordinary people can understand”


Jojo has set up a twelve week worldview course that he has taught from ages 5- adult. This course covers topics such as; What is a Worldviews?, What is Truth?, The Case for Design, Defining Evolution, Which God?, Why Trust the Bible?, The Problem of Evil, Who is Jesus, Salvation, Why Church ?, Why Us? & a Practical Practice Session.  You can find a brief description of this course online at http://www.faithbeyondbelief.ca/be-ready-a-worldview-course/  We have also talked to Jojo about adding some extra sessions onto this to help us understand the worldviews of other religions. 


What we are proposing is to set this course up with Jojo starting in September and run weekly for possibly 15 weeks.  However there is a cost factor involved. In order to bring in Jojo to teach we need others to help cover the cost of the classes ( $2500 plus the extra fee for additional topics).  The  more students the cheaper the cost per student.


Since we are in the very early planning stages of this all here is the basic skeleton of what we are thinking:

-        We are opening this up to students from grades 9-12 (if you feel your grade 8 student would be mature enough to handle the content and keep up with the class then that would be fine if they joined in).

-        We are looking at using a facility in Calgary but have not yet pinned down the location. Tentatively we are looking at a place off of Crowchild trail and Kensington Road

-        The cost will be split between the students attending and the parents are free to join in (please note that younger children will not be allowed to stay in the class).


If you would be interested in participating in these classes or have questions please contact Tammy at 403-225-2179 or via e-mail at dteacott@shaw.ca . We need to see if there is enough interest in order to move forward in the planning.  As well if you know of others who may be interested please pass this information along to them!




Tammy Eacott