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NorthStar's first virtual Meet-the-Teacher afternoon

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NorthStar's first virtual Meet-the-Teacher afternoon
by Marci Penner - Thursday, 10 September 2020, 2:38 PM

Picture it as you would a traditional school’s Meet the Teacher Night, except online and in the afternoon.


Below is a link to the schedule of when and where teachers will be available. On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 15th, when you want to meet a specific teacher, just pop into their virtual classroom by clicking on the “Meet” link next to their name.

→  Meet the Teacher Schedule


Please note:

  • This is an opportunity to put names to faces and general course procedures not for personal questions.
  • Students should be logged into their NSA email accounts before attempting to join the Meet. If you don’t have your NSA email yet, not to worry, you may request access.