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Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

by Marci Penner -
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The Battle of the Books

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Battle of the Books.  Together, as a school, we read 31 572 minutes

Congratulations to Mrs. Brink's homeroom class for being our top readers.  Despite my having missed calculated their total on Friday, they persevered and together logged 4317 minutes.   

→  In a very close second was Mrs. Letendre's Homeroom class who together read 4211 minutes.

→  In each of our Division Hallway's here are our top homerooms

Grade 1-3: Mrs. Ferguson's Gr. 1 Homeroom

Grade 4-6: Mrs. Stauffer' s Gr. 4 Homeroom who narrowly squeaked by Mrs. Denoudsten's Homeroom with only 16 minutes between them.

Grade 7-9: Ms. Letendre's Gr. 9 Homeroom

Grade 10-12: Mrs. Brink's Gr. 12 Homeroom

Congratulations to all our readers!

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