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Winter Travel 15

Winter Travel 15

by Cindy Lee -
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Wanna earn THREE high school credits for participating in snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowboarding or skiing at Lake Louise?

Please click on the link below to watch a video about this program!  
Winter Travel 15  (March 14 - 17, 2023)
The cost is $100 for students enrolled in a teacher-directed program.  This cost covers your meals, lodging and all learning resources and equipment for the program.

Registration is limited and there is an application process. The $100 non-refundable deposit is due once your registration has been accepted. After you have been accepted into the program, you will be sent an invoice for the non-refundable deposit.

Students will be staying at the  Canadian Rockies Outdoor Learning Centre located by Canmore and Kananaskis from Tuesday to Friday on the week the program runs.

They will be staying in cabins with bunks with other students in the program.  You will miss four school days to attend the Outdoor Centre.

Meals, lodging and all learning resources and equipment (snowshoes, skis, helmets, etc. ) are provided.  You will need to eat breakfast the first morning and bring a bag lunch for that day.

You will need to provide transportation for your student to and from the Outdoor Learning Centre.

This course has a mandatory online learning portion of approximately 6-12 hrs of work that each student must complete before arrival for the in-person 4-day, 3-night experience at their facility.  This is done through Google Classroom. You may need to bring a laptop computer.

Here is a link to the Winter Travel 15 course. It will give you a good idea of what your days at the Learning Centre would look like. Please note, these are long days filled with lots of activities and huge amounts of fun!  Winter Travel 15

To participate in outdoor activities, students MUST BE ABLE to demonstrate the ability to participate in strenuous exercise in the mountains for several hours and be able to plan for inclement weather.

Activities covered in the course may include:
Snow shoeing
Cross Country Skiing
Snowboarding or Skiing
Avalanche Awareness Training
Shadowing a Ski Patrol
Ecological Impacts of Winter Recreation
Navigation - Orienteering practice
Trip Planning and Preparation and more.

Head to https://www.nsaschool.ca/high-school-courses/high-school-options/specialty-courses for a list of frequently asked questions.

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